February 2017
Volume 62, Number 2
Advances in 3-D printing and biomaterials are helping to shape the field of regenerative medicine....
Sarah Webb, Ph.D.
A fast method for analyzing essential protein mutants in human cells
Here we developed a complementation method for the study of essential genes in live human cells...
Frank Dietsch, Mariel Donzeau, Agnes M. Cordonnier, Etienne Weiss, Bruno Chatton, and Marc Vigneron
External calibration with Drosophila whole-cell spike-ins delivers absolute mRNA fold changes from human RNA-Seq and qPCR data
Gene expression measurements are typically performed on a fixed-weight aliquot of RNA, which...
Franziska Taruttis, Maren Feist, Phillip Schwarzfischer, Wolfram Gronwald, Dieter Kube, Rainer Spang, and Julia C. Engelmann

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