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October 1998
Volume:25 , Issue Number:4
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Internet On-Ramp
Analyzing Protein Families and Domains on the Web
Stuart M. Brown
Short Technical Reports
Colorimetric Method for Detecting Amplified Nucleic Acids
Elaine Durward and William J. Harris
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Agarose-Embedded Tissue Arrays for Histologic and Genetic Analysis
Gladys S. Tsao-Wu, Clifford H. Weber, Lynn R. Budgeon and Keith C. Cheng
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Reduction of MTT by Glutathione S-Transferase
J.L. York, L.C. Maddox, P. Zimniak, T.E. McHugh and D.F Grant
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Evaluation of the Effects of DNase Treatment on Signal Specificity in RT-PCR and In Situ RT-PCR
Karin Ivarsson and Birgitta Weijdegard
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Research Reports
Critical Factors in the Performance and Cost of Two-Dimensional Gene Scanning: RB1 as a Model
R.K. Dhanda, N.J. van Orsouw, I. Sigalas, C. Eng and J. Vijg
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Quantitative Determination of CMV DNA Using a Combination of Competitive PCR Amplification and Sandwich Hybridization
I. Alexandre, N. Zammatteo, I. Ernest, J.-M. Ladriere, L. Le, S. Hamels, N. Chandelier, B. Vipond and J. Remacle
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PCR Bias Toward the Wild-Type k-ras and p53 Sequences: Implications for PCR Detection of Mutations and Cancer Diagnosis
R. Bernard, V. Futo, N. Pecheniuk, M. Slattery and T. Walsh
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Mismatch Cleavage Detects Base Deletion in Cystic Fibrosis Gene
Ih-Chang Hsu, W. Edward Highsmith, Jingfan Xu and Dehe Kong
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Detection of Asymmetric PCR Products in Homogeneous Solution by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Mastaka Kinjo
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Screening Cloned PCR Fragments by Restriction Endonuclease Fingerprinting to Obtain Wild-Type Sequences
Koichi Hagiwara, Amanda A.H. Freeman, Mary G. McMenamin and Curtis C. Harris
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Accurate Quantification of Expression of Transgenes Marked with Restriction Endonuclease Site Polymorphisms by RT-PCR
Shuyu Li, Julia B. George-Raizen, Robert E. Hammer and William T. Gerrard
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Bovine Serum Albumin Reverses Inhibition of RT-PCR by Melanin
Troy A. Giambernardi, Ulrich Rodeck and Robert J. Klebe
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Amplification of mRNAs from Single, Fixed, TUNEL-Positive Cells
D. M. O'Dell, R. Raghupathi, P.B. Crino, B. Morrison III, J.H. Eberwine and T.K. McIntosh
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Specific Detection of Native Multi-Subunit Proteins by Slot-Blot Assay
Emily Burke and Sailen Barik
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Southern Hybridization in Shampoo
Bruce P. May
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Agarose Overlays Allow Simplified Staining of Polyacrylamide Gels
Jeff A. Rodzen, Jeremy J. Agresti, Gregory Tranah and Bernie May
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Minimizing the Exposure to UV Light When Extracting DNA from Agarose Gels
Martin Zimmermann, Jurgen Veeck and Klaus Wolf
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Rapid, Simple Alkaline Extraction of Human Genomic DNA from Whole Blood, Buccal Epithelial Cells, Semen and Forensic Stains for PCR
Lars Rudbeck and Jorgen Dissing
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Overnight Titration of Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Using Quantitative Shell Vial Amplification
Joseph B. Domachowske and Cynthia A. Bonville
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High-Throughput Screening for the Detection of Unknown Mutations: Improved Productivity Using Heteroduplex Analysis
Julie H. Maynard and Meena Upadhyaya
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Sensitive Detection of the 4977-bp Deletion in Human Mitochondrial DNA of Young Individuals
Christoph Meissner and Nicole von Wurmb
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Internal Control for Quality Assurance of Diagnostic RT-PCR
Martina Willhauck, Simon Vogel and Ulrich Keilholz
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Tissue Quality is an Important Determination of Telomerase Activity as Measured by TRAP Assay
Pu Yan, Fred T. Bosman and Jean Benhattar
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Flexible Software Architecture for User-Interface and Machine Control in Laboratory Automation
Ethan B. Artunian, Deidre R. Meldrum, Neal A. Friedman and Stephen E. Moody
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