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Players in the beautiful history of PCR
BioTechniques, Vol. 54, No. 6, June 2013, p. 311
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Players in the beautiful history of PCR

If there were one technology synonymous with the molecular biology lab, it would have to be PCR. With many key applications making use of this transformative technology, celebrating its enormous impact and history becomes a challenge. In this special 30th Anniversary Gem section, two articles that have truly shaped the legacy of PCR are highlighted. First, a 1997 article from Wittwer et al. (reprinted on pg. 314) details the first use of SYBR Green in real-time PCR (qPCR) reaction monitoring. This is accompanied by a special commentary from Kent Vrana (pg. 312) on qPCR tools. The second selection, available as a special reprint at, comes from Sykes et al. (1992), who provide the first description of limiting dilution PCR—a precursor of digital PCR. We hope you enjoy revisiting these milestones in the history of PCR.


311 Method Evolution: Players in the beautiful history of PCR
The Editors
doi 10.2144/000114040


312 “Making it Real” Time
Kent E. Vrana
doi 10.2144/000114042


314 Continuous fluorescence monitoring of rapid cycle DNA amplification
Carl T. Wittwer, Mark G. Herrmann, Alan A. Moss, and Randy P. Rasmussen
doi 10.2144/000114043

Quantitation of targets for PCR by use of limiting dilution
P.J. Sykes, S.H. Neoh, M.J. Brisco, E. Hughes, J. Condon, A.A. Morley
Available online at