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From the Editor
BioTechniques, Vol. 56, No. 5, May 2014, p. 209
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I'm not always a fan of change. Why change something that works? Some might argue that “new” might be even better, but that requires a certain leap of faith when making major decisions. Which is why when discussion of a BioTechniques redesign first came up, I have to admit, I was hesitant. To me, BioTechniques is a wonderful journal, providing readers the latest in methods developments that can be quickly and effectively implemented in the lab. So, why change? Fortunately, as you can see from these pages, we did move ahead with our redesign effort—which turned out to be an amazing voyage of rediscovering the mission and purpose of this journal.

Welcome to the new look of BioTechniques! While the design might seem at first glance to be quite a departure from our previous style, there is a rhyme and reason to everything in these pages. Based on extensive feedback from subscribers, we have put this new face on the journal—designed to visually guide readers through the content while maximizing the information they need to stimulate their work at the lab bench. You will find an expanded Tech News article in this issue exploring the development of small molecule tools for deciphering protein folding dynamics. Look for more in-depth Tech News articles in the months to come on topics including optogenetics and connectomics. In addition, our BioSpotlights and Citations columns are now shorter, enabling readers to locate articles of interest quickly.

You will also notice more pages devoted to primary research articles. Listening to a common request for more methods and technique articles, we have increased the number of research articles and even enhanced our article offerings with the addition of a new article format, the Practical Guide.

In the end, all of the changes you see here are based on what is at the heart of BioTechniques—delivering the best methods and techniques to you so that they can be implemented immediately. While the look has changed, we are confident that our new engaging and thought-provoking format will continue to build upon the strong history and traditions of BioTechniques, further establishing this journal as a fundamental resource in labs across the globe for decades to come.

Please share your comments and thoughts on the new look and format at [email protected].