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Advanced Online Publication

Genetically encoded far-red fluorescent sensors for caspase-3 activity
Olga A. Zlobovskaya, Tatiana F. Sergeeva, Marina V. Shirmanova,
Varvara V. Dudenkova, George V. Sharonov, Elena V. Zagaynova,
and Konstantin A. Lukyanov

BioTechniques 60:62-68 (February 2016) doi 10.2144/000114377

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A practical method for barcoding and size-trimming PCR templates for amplicon sequencing
Anita Mäki, Antti J. Rissanen, and Marja Tiirola

BioTechniques 60:88-90 (January 2016) doi 10.2144/000114380

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