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News [ optogenetics ]
Nathan Blow, PhD
Researchers have painstakingly dissected the ability of flying insects to avoid threats. It should come as no shock that this response happens fast, but how they accomplish this feat and the speed at...
Kayt Sukel
D1-type dopamine receptors have long been implicated in drug addiction. Now, researchers at Yale University School of Medicine, have found that D1-type dopamine receptor-expressing neurons in medial...
Maybe you are in the lab waiting for a gel to run or on your way home and stuck on a train. For those of you looking for your science fix during these moments, podcasts provide a great opportunity to...
Kayt Sukel
Retrograde labeling of neurons has contributed valuable data to synaptic connection maps, but to date, these approaches have been unable to distinguish between excitatory and inhibitory neurons....
Jeffrey M. Perkel, Ph.D.
A recently engineered genetically encoded voltage indicator protein can probe neural circuitry both ex vivo and in intact Drosophila brains. What advantages does this approach have over existing...
Jesse Jenkins
How many Pathway to Independence grant recipients actually get an R01 grant funded? And how is the program changing in the near future? Find out...
Jeffrey M. Perkel
Two new studies have applied optogenetic technology to study mouse models of obsessive-compulsive disorder. What did they learn about this neurological disorder? Find out...
Rachael Moeller Gorman
Specialized cells in your brain help you figure out where you are, but how are those cells connected to the rest of your brain? Optogenetics sheds some light. Learn more...
Lauren Arcuri Ware
The Brain Activity Map Project backed by President Obama has gained a lot of attention, but many scientists question whether the project’s goals are overreaching. Which newly emerging...
Jim Kling
To pinpoint the neural pathway responsible for motivation in rats, researchers turn to optogenetics.