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News [ single-cell analysis ]
Kelly Rae Chi
A new microfluidic-based method allows researchers to profile the epigenomes of just 100 cells at a time. Read more...
Patrick C.H. Lo, PhD
Cancer cells migrate out of primary tumors and travel through blood and lymph vessels to seed metastases, but not all primary tumor cells acquire this migratory ability. Now, an innovative...
Patrick C.H. Lo, PhD
Peer into the BioTechniques crystal ball, and see what the future holds for PCR in 2015...
From NGS library construction to optimal sorting of mitotic cells, BioTechniques has presented you with ample new methods to improve your research this year. Here we list our ten most popular...
Sarah C.P. Williams
Growing evidence suggests that biochemical assays don’t capture the complexity of cell cultures. Now, researchers are turning to microfluidics to assay one cell at a time. Learn more...
Jeffrey M. Perkel, PhD
Using an approach similar to an ancient art technique, a new microfluidic device enables positioning of single cells with micron-scale resolution. Learn more...
Andrew S. Wiecek
This past year, researchers have made big strides in their understanding of cancer, but the challenges of translating those findings to treatments remain. Read more...
Ashley Yeager
A new technique to sequence the genomes of individual sperm and cancer cells has been introduced. So what makes the method different, and possibly better, than others? Find out...
Andrew S. Wiecek
In 2012, the rise of single-cell analysis techniques have yielded new data that has researchers re-thinking and re-evaluating some of their ideas on stem cells and cancer biology. What else happened...
Nathan Blow, Ph.D.
From advances in culturing stem cells to novel methods for cultivating single cells, what areas should you keep an eye on in 2013?