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Poster Hall

Traditionally, life scientists have had only one primary forum to access and view poster presentations—scientific conferences. BioTechniques, the leading journal of life science methods, is proud to bring you the latest BioTechniques Poster Hall—an interactive electronic supplement that provides life scientists the opportunity to view posters at their leisure.

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Multiplex Analysis (Bead-based)
Abstract: Assay Designs has launched a multiplex bead immunoassay platform (MultiBead™) which incorporates flow cytometry as the assay readout. The immunoassays are carried out on the surface of fluorophore labeled polystyrene beads.
Animal Models
The CIA model is mediated by autoantibodies, which bind to a particular region of type II collagen (CII) and complement. Research has shown an antibody cocktail of collagen type II antibodies selected for their epitope specificity can induce arthritis.
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