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Cell Analysis
In this study, 76 human cancer cell lines, profiled using the commercially available PowerPlex® 18D multiplex amplification kit (Promega), were used to determine the feasibility of using STR DNA testing for cell line authentication and identification in the face of predicted genomic instability commonly found in cancer cell lines (changes at the chromosomal and nucleotide levels). Combined genomic instability was found in 26.4% of all cell lines tested.
Potassium ion channels are important targets in drug discovery and safety testing for which current assays suffer expense, low throughput or lack of proximity to the target. A robust and homogenous assay that allows for functional HTS measurements of potassium channel activity would give the screening community a useful tool for the interrogation of potassium channels in compound library screening.
Misidentification as well as inter- and intra-species cross contamination of cell lines is widespread and has a substantial negative impact on biomedical research. In this study, an approach used by RADIL for analyzing human and rodent cell lines for inter and intra--species contamination followed by authentication of cell line identity is described.