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Cell Line Authentication Testing
E.C. Bryda, H. Berg, J. Gohndrone, L.K. Riley
RADIL, 4011 Discovery Drive, Columbia, MO 65201
Sponsored by RADIL
Published in December 2009 (p.8) DOI:  10.2144/000113321
Misidentification as well as inter- and intra-species cross contamination of cell lines is widespread and has a substantial negative impact on biomedical research. In this study, an approach used by RADIL for analyzing human and rodent cell lines for inter and intra--species contamination followed by authentication of cell line identity is described. Multiplex PCR analysis using primers specific for mouse, rat, human, African green monkey and Chinese hamster genomic DNA allows confirmation of the species of origin of a given cell line and enables as little as 1-5% inter-species DNA contamination to be detected. Cell lines can be genetically authenticated using microsatellite marker (STR) analysis which also allows intra-species contamination to be detected. Since offering CellCheckTM cell line testing, we have found that 19% of submitted cell lines were misidentified and at least 4% were cross-contaminated. Testing of cell lines using RADIL’s CellCheckTM provides a straightforward, quick, reliable, and cost-effective method for detecting cross-contamination of cell lines while verifying their identity.
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