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Ingenio™ Electroporation Solution – The High Efficiency, Broad Spectrum Solution For Nucleic Acid Delivery into Primary Cells and Hard to Transfect Cell-lines
A.C. Lauer and B. Gopalakrishnan
Mirus Bio LLC
Sponsored by Mirus Bio LLC
Published in December 2009 (p.11) DOI:  10.2144/000113318
Primary cells as well as certain cell-lines are known to be refractory to traditional chemical transfection methods. The physical technique of electroporation has emerged as a method of choice for nucleic acid delivery into these “hard to transfect” cells. Ingenio™ Electroporation Solution is a broad spectrum reagent capable of supporting electroporation of plasmid DNA and siRNA into multiple mammalian cell lines. Ingenio is compatible with most standard electroporators including Lonza-amaxa® Nucleofector®, Bio-Rad Gene Pulser Xcell™ and Harvard-BTX® electroporators. Cells can be efficiently transfected using a simple protocol with Ingenio Electroporation Solution, that can be further optimized for either exponential decay or square wave pulse types offered on standard electroporators. Certain cell types transfect better with square wave pulses while others respond better to exponential decay; empirical testing is required for each cell type. Regardless of the type of pulse used, optimization of pulse strength is absolutely critical in ensuring high efficiency electroporation without loss of cell viability. Best electroporation results are achieved using Ingenio Electroporation Solution by titrating the pulse variables such as voltage and capacitance. Electrotransfection using optimized pulse parameters with Ingenio Electroporation Solution or Kits affords increased gene expression or knockdown in primary cells and several different “hard to transfect” cell lines, with minimal cytotoxicity.
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