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Cell Analysis
Potassium ion channels are important targets in drug discovery and safety testing for which current assays suffer expense, low throughput or lack of proximity to the target. A robust and homogenous assay that allows for functional HTS measurements of potassium channel activity would give the screening community a useful tool for the interrogation of potassium channels in compound library screening.
Multiplex Analysis (Bead-based)
Abstract: Assay Designs has launched a multiplex bead immunoassay platform (MultiBead™) which incorporates flow cytometry as the assay readout. The immunoassays are carried out on the surface of fluorophore labeled polystyrene beads.
Animal Models
The CIA model is mediated by autoantibodies, which bind to a particular region of type II collagen (CII) and complement. Research has shown an antibody cocktail of collagen type II antibodies selected for their epitope specificity can induce arthritis.
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