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Array Tape Platform Provides HTP Screening with Reduced Plastic, Reagents, and Energy Consumption
Mike Salentine and Kjersten Larson-Cook, PhD
Sponsored by Douglas Scientific
Published in December 2010 2010 (p.7) DOI:  10.2144/000113629 Sponsored,vendor-submitted protocol
Introduction: Array Tape is a continuous, flexible polymer serially embossed with reaction wells in customized volumes and formats. The Array Tape Platform includes modular liquid handling (Nexar), detection (Araya) and thermocycling (Soellex) instruments that increase throughput, flexibility and cost savings compared to microplate-based technologies.
Purpose: Plastic, reagent and energy consumption were used to evaluate the environmental benefits of the Array Tape Platform.
Methods and Results: Plastic required to manufacture a 384-well microplate is 7x greater (23.1g) than a 384-well array in Tape (3.1g). Reagent storage, handling and disposal is reduced by 80-90% due to smaller reaction volumes in Array Tape (<800nL/well) versus microplates (5┬ÁL/well). The Array Tape Platform is more energy efficient because the same processes are completed with less instrumentation and a smaller laboratory footprint. Robotic handling is minimized by modular, inline processing. Furthermore, Array Tape may be spooled onto a compact reel for storage and processing. Specifically, the Soellex simultaneously thermocycles up to 600 arrays, replacing 18 water baths (32 microplate capacity) that require 11x more energy (92.4kWh) or 150 block heaters (4 microplate capacity) that require 35x more energy (313.6kWh).
Conclusion: The Array Tape Platform provides an environmentally responsible alternative to microplate-based technologies for HTP laboratories.
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