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Innovative Sample Preparation Tools for Biological Mass Spectrometry Pressure
BioSciences, Inc. 14 Norfolk Ave., South Easton, MA 02375
Sponsored by Pressure Biosciences
The PressureBioSciences Inc.(PBI) focuses on development of specialized products for biological sample preparation which utilize alternating ultra-high hydrostatic pressure–pressure cycling technology(PCT). PCT is a fundament althermo dynamic process which destabilizes molecular interactions by rapidly and repeatedly raising and lowering pressure in the action vessel from atmospheric to levels of up to 45,000 psi. PCT offers the ability to solve difficult and complex sample preparation problems that are bottlenecks-even barriers-to important new discoveries in genomics, proteomics, lipidomics, and drug metabolism studies. Pressure cycling equipment and auxiliary tools such as the Shredder homogenizers have been shown to facilitate more quantitative extraction and morfficient digestion of hydrophobic membrane proteins and rapid enzymatic removal of N-linked glycans. Moreover, the ability of pressure cycling to differentiate between cells or subcellular structures of different composition and structural integrity facilited the phenomenon of “differentiallysis”, a process used for step-wise extraction of analytes from heterogeneous tissue samples or isolate intact and functional organelles,such as mitochondria. Here we present an overview of PBI sample preparation products.
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