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Pressure-Enhanced Enzymatic Proteolysis
Sponsored by Pressure Biosciences Published in December 2009 (p.13) DOI:  10.2144/000113328
The Pressure Cycling Technology Sample Preparation System (“PCT SPS”) employs rapid cycles of hydrostatic pressure, between ambient and ultra high levels, to precisely control biomolecular interactions. The PCT SPS can be used to accelerate enzymatic reactions, such as protein digestion with trypsin and other proteolytic enzymes, to prepare samples for analysis by mass spectrometry. In addition, the PCT SPS can be used to disrupt tissues and cells to extract cellular structures and components such proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and small molecules for further analysis. [1]. The PCT SPS is comprised of a Barocycler (a small, semiautomated bench-top instrument used to generate high hydrostatic pressure) and specially-designed, high pressure tolerant, single-use processing tubes. Temperature can be controlled during the PCT-based sample preparation process by an external circulating water bath, which can be an important addition to the Pressure Cycling Technology Sample Preparation System.
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