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GoTaq® Real-Time PCR Systems: The Bright Choice for Dye-Based qPCR and RT-qPCR
Katharine Hoffmann1, Karen Reece1, Cesear Corona2, Thomas Kirkland2, Tetsuo Uyeda2, Stephen Dwight2, Mark McDougal2, Douglas Storts1 and Rod Pennington1 1Promega Corporation, Madison, WI 2Promega Biosciences, LLC., San Luis Obispo, CA Sponsored by Promega Corporation
GoTaq® Real-Time PCR Systems are ready-to-use 2X master mixes contain-ing BRYT Green® Dye, a novel fluorescent ds-DNA binding dye with minimal PCR inhibition for maximum amplification efficiency, resulting in earlier quantification cycle values and broad range detection. The master mixes are compatible with existing experimental designs and requires addition of only DNA template, target-specific primers and water. GoTaq® Real-Time PCR Systems are suitable to work with any real-time PCR instrument in standard or fast cycling conditions.
GoTaq® 2-Step RT-qPCR System Optimized for quantitative analysis of RNA using a two-step reverse protocol. Components and protocol allow robust, reliable cDNA synthesis even in the presence of inhibitors.
GoTaq® 1-Step RT-qPCR System Developed for quantitative analysis of RNA using a one-step protocol in a single tube. Combines the BRYT Green® Dye and optimized RT buffer improving data accuracy and sensitivity.
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