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Plasmid Purification Poster
Sponsored by Pall Life Sciences Published in December 2010 2010 (p.11) DOI:  10.2144/000113599 Sponsored,vendor-submitted protocol
Advances in cloning techniques have greatly increased the number of samples requiring small-scale plasmid preparation, or mini preps. The large scale purification schemes of the past have given way to the development of small scale, massively parallel purifications requiring semi-automated or fully-automated handling. Pall has created a cost effective alternative for efficient parallel lysate clarification and plasmid DNA purification from E. coli cultures. The process starts with an optimized lysate clarification filter plate followed by purification on a high binding capacity DNA binding filter plate. Filtration can be done effectively in either a vacuum or centrifugal mode, ultimately maximizing the choice in protocols available to the researcher. In this poster, we compare vacuum filtration to centrifugation for DNA purification. In addition, we demonstrate the benefit of using a filter plate configuration with an integral prefilter for lysate clarification.
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