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CellInsight Personal Cell Imager platform
The Thermo Scientific CellInsight Personal Cell Imager is designed to provide the benefits of cellular imaging in one simple-to-use, low-cost platform.
The instrument's straightforward and streamlined workflow enables simple two-click image acquisition, autofocus, scanning, and analysis of a sample plate. The system features a unique solid state illumination source, high-efficiency filters, and a custom optical design to deliver high-quality imaging and virtually maintenance-free operation. The instrument is designed for high throughput. Typical plate scan times are less than four minutes for a 96-well plate, while a 1,536-well plate can be scanned in just over one hour for a three-color assay. Robot compatibility ensures walk-away operation. The platform features Thermo Scientific iDEV workflow software to eliminate assay development bottlenecks. This software brings quantitative image analysis to cell biologists, using pre-built biologically relevant measurement tools that do not require programming or special knowledge. The CellInsight personal cell imaging (PCI) platform provides the cell biology researcher with a simple-to-operate, low-cost, bench-top automated imaging capability. By uniting powerful optical hardware, quantitative image analysis, informatics and automation with a range of fluorescent probes, engineered cell lines and assay kits, cell biology researchers can investigate hundreds of cellular targets and advance their knowledge of cell function.
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