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ARTEL’s products and services increase confidence in one of the most critical laboratory tasks – liquid handling. Our superior science-based calibration systems, combined with extensive liquid handling expertise and advanced quality assurance support services, ensure the integrity of data produced with pipettes and automated liquid handling devices. Serving the laboratory community since 1982, ARTEL is the worldwide leader in liquid handling quality assurance. Thousands of life science and health laboratories depend on our products and services to improve productivity, ensure accuracy and precision, enhance product quality, and meet compliance protocols. ARTEL’s proprietary Ratiometric PhotometryTM technology, which conforms to ISO 8655-7, is the core of our accurate, precise, and easy-to-use systems for verification and calibration of automated liquid handlers and pipettes. Highly effective at small-volume measurement, these systems rapidly provide documented, traceable data to support the performance of laboratory liquid handling instrumentation. Using our advanced pipette calibration and multichannel verification systems and standardized training method, ARTEL also provides liquid handling quality assurance support and consultative services. These include pipetting technique training and on-site verification of automated liquid handlers.