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AstrNet Systems
AstrNet Systems
Location :
AstraNet Systems Ltd
Newton,   Cambridge CB22 7ZE
+44 (0)1223 872179
+44 (0)148 033 0017
AstraNet Systems design, manufacture and market spectrophotometers, fluorimeters, radiometers and other spectroscopy products. Based in Cambridge, England, an area steeped in the history of scientific instrumentation, AstraNet have many years experience in these techniques and are proud to introduce the latest technology into their products.Their high quality, rugged spectrophotometers, based on CCD Array detectors and fibre-optic coupled sampling accessories, are as much at home in a modern laboratory as they are in industry or in remote monitoring situations.AstraNet offers a range of standard or bespoke solutions to the most complex applications, including systems built into production lines and remote, battery powered telemetry systems.