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MD Biosciences, Inc
MD Biosciences, Inc
Location :
2575 University Ave W #100
St. Paul,   MN 55114
(651) 641 1770
(651) 641 1773
MD Biosciences began as a specialized service provider in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Our focus in inflammations research formed the foundation for the services and therapeutic focus we offer today. Since our inception, we have chosen a deliberate path of controlled growth to ensure we always deliver high quality service for our clients. Our services have expanded to include cell and tissue based screening, efficacy models and mechanism of action studies in the areas of Inflammatory Diseases, Neurological Diseases, and Pain Management. We’ll continue to focus on these core areas of expertise as we look to expand into other related disease fields in the future. Meanwhile, we continue to build our expertise with scientists who share our commitment to customer service, flexibility and responsiveness while maintaining our reputation for delivering quality results on time.