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Symyx Technologies, Inc.
Symyx Technologies, Inc.
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Robotics/Automation, Screening
Through expertise in scientific information management, microscale, parallel experimentation, and contract research, Symyx Technologies enables companies in life sciences, chemicals and energy, and consumer and industrial products to transform scientific R&D and achieve extraordinary breakthroughs in productivity and return on investment. Symyx electronic laboratory notebook, data acquisition, and decision-support software give scientists immediate access to personal, laboratory, enterprise, proprietary, and third-party data across different projects and platforms. This enables scientists to design, execute, analyze, and report experimental results faster, easier, and less expensively. Symyx pioneered microscale, high-throughput technology and developed specialized tools and laboratory automation software that enable a single scientist using milligrams―not grams―of expensive, early-development material to rapidly explore a broad experimental space and develop comprehensive data sets in days―not weeks or months. Symyx contract research delivers the advantages of microscale, parallel experimentation and scientific information management on a customer-directed project basis. Companies can extend and enhance their in-house capabilities or outsource exclusively to increase R&D productivity, agility, and flexibility.