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Turner BioSystems
Turner BioSystems
Location :
645 N. Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale,   CA 94085
Antibody-based Protein Detection (Western, ELISA, IF, IP, IHC), Molecular Biology
We are the life science branch of a family of companies founded by George Turner nearly 50 years ago. The life science team of about thirty people is headquartered in Northern California and provides instruments and service throughout the world.The Turner BioSystems team is in place to help scientists learn about, evaluate, and use fluorometers, luminometers, and multimode readers. We specialize in the life science applications of fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance, especially the measurement of genetic reporters, ATP, and nucleic acids. We focus on making sensitive, reliable, and easy-to-use fluorometers, luminometers, and multimode readers and on providing responsive technical service. Our product line currently includes a variety of single tube and multiwell instruments.