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Cell Culture
µ-Slide Chemotaxis 3D chamber
ibidi GmbH's µ-Slide Chemotaxis 3D chamber is designed for chemotaxis and migration studies of non-adherent cells in 3D gel matrices.
The slide allows the motion tracking of non-adherent chemotactically active cells like lymphocytes, dendritic cells, or macrophages in different gel matrices. So far, comparable cell-based assays only allowed the analysis of migrating cells in a two-dimensional fashion. With the ibidi µ-Slide Chemotaxis 3D it is possible for the first time to simulate, analyse, and quantify the motility of non-adherent cells in an in-vivo like environment over a 48-hour period.
This Product is made by:

ibidi® GmbH, Munich, Germany, develops, produces and distributes micro-Slides (µ- Slides), a "Lab-on-a-Slide®" technology for the image based analysis of cells. The µ-Slides represent a new family of devices for the functional analysis of living cells. The µ-Slide product family consists of different slide types for cell-culture and high end optical microscopy.