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Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis, Proteomics, Proteomics
3-D biosensor platform
Silicon Kinetics SKi Pro 3-D biomolecular interaction analysis platform has been recognized as the Most Innovative Product in the Diagnostics and Research Tools category in the 21st Annual Most Innovative New Product (MIP) Awards. The SKi Pro is a 3-D label-free platform for biomolecular interaction analysis in proteomics research, biomarker, and drug discovery. The platform can be used to study protein-protein, DNA-protein, and protein-small molecule interactions. The MIP Awards are sponsored by CONNECT, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining the growth of innovative technology and life science businesses in San Diego.
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With the world’s most versatile, most sensitive and most economical set of instruments and sensor chips, we aim for wide adoption of our nano-Pore Optical lnterferometry (nPOI) platform for biomolecular interaction analysis in both academic research and pharmaceutical/biotech industries.