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Cell Culture
3D Transfection System
Mirus' 3D Transfection System is designed for transfecting cells propagated in 3D cell culture.
The system combines the technologies of Reinnervate’s alvetex 3D cell culture plates and Mirus Bio’s TransIT-3D Transfection Reagent, enabling scientists to conduct research that more accurately mimics the tissue environment. The system achieves high expression in a wide range of cell types grown in 3D culture, has a user-friendly protocol that requires minimal optimization, and is compatible with solid matrix scaffold and hydrogel 3D culture formats.
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Mirus Bio LLC is a life science company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing innovative nucleic acid-based technologies and products. Mirus was founded on the principle that non-viral (i.e. plasmid DNA based) methods offer distinct advantages over viral methods of gene transfer. Following this path, Mirus has pioneered the development of a wide range of non-viral delivery technologies using proteins, polymers, and lipids in conjunction with novel chemistries that provide unique nucleic acid delivery capabilities.