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Actin Cytoskeleton Visualization
Ibidi’s LifeAct products are designed for undisturbed visualization of actin cytoskeleton organization and dynamics.
The company’s LifeAct actin marker binds to the structure protein without constraining its activity. For long-term actin visualization, the company offers a stable LifeAct-expressing fibrosarcoma cell line: HT-1080 LifeAct-TagGFP2. This cell line shows identical characteristics and behavior to the parental HT-1080 cell line and guarantees a minimum of 25 passages with undisturbed LifeAct expression. The company paid special attention to the functional characterization of the cell line, so as to prove that it is optimized for cell-based assays such as migration, chemotaxis, and wound healing.
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ibidi® GmbH, Munich, Germany, develops, produces and distributes micro-Slides (µ- Slides), a "Lab-on-a-Slide®" technology for the image based analysis of cells. The µ-Slides represent a new family of devices for the functional analysis of living cells. The µ-Slide product family consists of different slide types for cell-culture and high end optical microscopy.