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Applause 3’ amplification system
NuGEN’s Applause 3’-Amplification System offers a single-tube solution for routine microarray sample preparation.
NuGEN’s Applause 3’ amplification system offers a single-tube solution for routine microarray sample preparation. Starting at sample sizes of 50 ng, the system readies RNA samples in six hours for microarray gene expression analysis using its linear Ribo-SPIA (Single Primer Isothermal Amplification) technology. The system is designed for use with Affymetrix GeneChip 3’ expression, Gene 1.0 ST, and Exon 1.0 ST arrays. These add-and-incubate assays increase sensitivity and produce results faithful to the transcriptome. The system includes all reagents needed to generate micrograms of material from RNA samples with a simple workflow. Requiring only a single purification step, targets are ready for hybridization in one day. Current methods for generating targets for GeneChip 3’ expression, Exon 1.0 ST, and Gene 1.0 ST arrays require multiple purification steps and upwards of 24 hours of preparation time.
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NuGEN Technologies, Inc., based in San Carlos, CA, is focused on the development and commercialization of sensitive, rapid, and high-throughput amplification and sample preparation systems to enable the comprehensive analysis and discovery of biological mechanisms, cellular responses, and disease pathologies.