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Molecular Biology
Automated RNA Sequencing Service
Beckman Coulter Genomics' high-throughput end-to-end RNA-seq service is designed to include customized project design, automated Illumina TruSeq RNA-Seq library construction, and flexible, multiplexed sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq platform.
Downstream bioinformatics analysis options include primary data analysis, differential gene expression, splice variant analysis, gene fusion identiļ¬cation and rare transcript identiļ¬cation. The new automated library construction process uses Illumina TruSeq RNA sample preparation kits in conjunction with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ Biomek liquid handling platforms. Libraries show consistent size distribution and sequencing data is reproducible, showing good correlation with the published industry standard. Total RNA from multiple species – including mammalian, plant and yeast samples – has been validated using the automated process. The scalable, high throughput service allows processing from one to hundreds of samples without compromising quality.
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