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Cell Biology
BioLite products for general cell culture applications
Thermo Scientific BioLite products for general cell culture applications are sterile and non-pyrogenic, making the culture surfaces suitable for many standard cell lines.
This economical cell culture portfolio includes 35–150-mm diameter dishes, multidishes with 6, 12, 24, 48 or 96 wells, and flasks with surface areas of up to 175 cm2. The BioLite products feature a cell culture surface for cell attachment and growth, providing a cost effective product to culture standard cell lines. As a result, researchers have access to the full range of Thermo Scientific cell culture products for both standard and critical applications. Tests have proved the BioLite products comparable to other economically-priced brands of cell culture products, and able to double time and cell morphology for both HEK and VERO cells.