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Cell/Tissue Culture
BioWrite protein micropatterned substrates
BioWrite protein micropatterned substrates are designed for cell and tissue culture applications.
These next-generation, information-rich microenvironments from Intelligent Substrates provide a new level of experimental control over cell structure and function. With these substrates, reseachers can define cultured cells’ location, size, and morphology, and direct their adherence, mechanics, growth, and migration. The substrates with 15-100 m features are currently available.
This Product is made by:

Intelligent Substrates Inc. (ISI) was established in 2007 to develop and bring to market nextgeneration tools for in vitro cell culture. The foundation of modern biomedical research, in vitro cell culture plays a critical role in cell biology, tissue engineering, toxicity testing, and drug development. With greater capabilities than current cell culture platforms, ISI's new and advanced cell culture technologies give researchers unprecedented control and access to the cellular microenvironment. ISI has an exclusive worldwide license for the robust and flexible patterning technology behind BioWrite substrates.