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Molecular Biology
Bioluminescent HDAC-Glo and SIRT-Glo Assays
Promega Corporation’s bioluminescent assays are designed for the measurement of the relative activities of histone deacetylases (HDACs) for basic research, screening, and drug discovery.
The HDAC-Glo and SIRT-Glo assays and screening systems use a single-reagent-addition, add-mix-measure protocol for benchtop to high-throughput screening applications. The HDAC-Glo assay is useful for class I and II HDAC enzymes in cells, cell extracts, or purified enzyme; the SIRT-Glo assay is useful for NAD+-dependent class III HDAC purified enzymes (Sirtuins or SIRTs). The assays use the company’s patented Ultra-Glo recombinant firefly luciferase technology in an add-mix-measure format where the amount of light produced correlates to HDAC enzyme activity.
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