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Analytical Chemistry , Molecular Biology
CLD-100 Salt Analyzer
JM Science announced the release of the new CLD-100 Salt Analyzer which achieves speedy and accurate determination of chloride ions by coulometric titration method, reports the company. Measurement occurs when silver ions produced from the silver wire by electrical oxidization in a special electrolyte react with chloride ions in the samples. The concentration of Cl or NaCl is calculated from the quantity of electricity required to produce silver ions. Easy maintenance means no standardization of reagent is required in coulometry. Operation is simple with an injection of the sample solution into the electrolyte-filled measuring vessel to obtain rapid and accurate results, according to the company. Its small-footprint design (310 mm W × 270 mm D) saves bench space. Rapid measurement is achievable in <20 s to measure 20 L or 1% NaCl standard. Colored samples are also accurately measureable with no problem in potentiometric end-point detection method, the company reports.
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JM Science Inc is an importer and distributor of a wide range of titrators and reagents, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns, HPLC detectors, degassers, and various HPLC accessories including Asahipak, Shodex, CapcellPak and Cosmosil columns for all scales of high performance liquid chromatography. JM Science also supplies Hitachi replacement parts for Hitachi AA spectrophotometers.