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Cell Biology
CelLuminate VPS
Biocompatibles has launched a new product in its CelLuminate range of intracellular delivery systems The new CelLuminate VPS (Vesicle-forming Polymer System) is made of from the company’s proprietary biomimetic copolymer and is designed to improve the efficiency of intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules compared to conventional liposomal systems. Celuminate VPS can deliver a variety of molecules, including fluorophores, RNA, DNA and proteins by exploiting natural cellular endocytotic pathways. It is an order of magnitude faster than liposomal systems, according to the company. The system is designed to allow researchers to prepare their own vesicles to encapsulate any bioactive agent.
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Established in 1984 with the focus of developing commercial applications in the area of biocompatibility - the ability of a material to interface within the body without provoking an adverse biological response, Biocompatibles International plc is now a leading medical technology and life science company.