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CellSens dimension multi-position solution
Olympus' Multi-position Solution module for its cellSens Dimension software works in tandem with the cellSens Dimension Multiple Image Alignment (MIA) tool to facilitate the simple creation of high-resolution, panoramic images capable of covering the complete microscope stage.
The software puts the user in the best position possible to accurately and automatically investigate large or complicated samples without sacrificing magnification power or image quality. The Multi-position Solution module is designed to make the study of large or complicated samples simple, flexible and precise. Typically, the acquisition of microscope images has been a trade off between a need to capture pictures at a high level of magnification and a desire to maintain the widest possible field of view. The Olympus Multi-position system provides researchers with the best of both worlds by allowing multiple, high-resolution images to be systematically captured and then seamlessly stitched together to create incredibly detailed panoramas limited only by the size of the microscope stage. The system is fully automated and customisable, providing the capacity to study as many areas of interest per sample as desired, or even the entire stage when necessary. In this way, sequential time-lapse imaging across different areas of a specimen can significantly boost the statistical relevance of the data collected.
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