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Molecular Biology
Cloning Kit for Gibson Assembly
New England Biolabs Gibson assembly cloning kit and online primer design tool, NEBuilder are designed for the cloning of DNA fragments using the Gibson assembly approach.
This kit includes the company’s Gibson Assembly Master Mix and NEB 5-alpha competent Escherichia coli for fragment assembly and transformation in less than two hours. The kit includes protocols for primer design and has been optimized for the assembly of one or more DNA fragments into a linearized vector. Alongside this new kit, NEB has also developed NEBuilder, an online primer design tool, specifically for use in Gibson assembly.
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Established in the mid-1970s as a cooperative laboratory of experienced scientists, New England Biolabs is a world leader in the production and supply of reagents for the life science industry. NEB now offers the largest selection of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research and continues to expand its product offerings into areas related to proteomics and drug discovery.