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Molecular Biology
CoolBox cooling and freezing system
BioCision's CoolBox cooling and freezing system is designed for all-day ice-free temperature control of biomedical samples.
The CoolBox systems come with a reusable cartridge that gives researchers a portable, convenient method for achieving unlimited cooling duration without the temperature variability and contamination risks associated with ice- or gel-based products. CoolBox provides unlimited cooling duration by simply switching cartridges. The cartridges consist of a gel pack with a novel thermo-conductive alloy shell, which enables fast recharge in a standard -20 ºC lab freezer. A single cartridge provides 4 to 10 hours of ice-free cooling at 0.5 ºC to 4 ºC, depending on whether the CoolBox lid is off or on. When a CoolRack is placed on the cartridge, the system provides unparalleled ice-free temperature consistency, eliminating edge-effect commonly found with plastic cooling boxes. The compact design and ice-free technology make CoolBox ideal for use in tissue culture hoods, biosafety cabinets, GMP suites, and in other situations where space is restricted or where ice could be a source of contamination. The light-weight, fracture-proof construction also makes CoolBox highly portable, facilitating its use for any biomedical sample collection and ensuring the protection of samples during transportation between laboratories. The CoolBox system accommodates a variety of thermo-conductive CoolRack and CoolSink modules for microfuge tubes, cryo vials, FACS tubes, mass spec vials, SBS-format multi-well plates, and PCR plates, tubes and strips. BioCision's CoolBox PCR96 and CoolBox PCR384, for example, make PCR set up ice-free and hassle-free. Each system kit includes one CoolBox, one CoolRack PCR and one +2 ºC cooling cartridge. Additional +2 ºC cartridges are available separately.
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Biocision is a leader in thermo-conductive lab tool design. We apply thermo-conductivity to create innovative, high quality tools for all temperature-sensitive (bio)- medical & scientific procedures.

Founded by a group of scientists, biomedical engineers and drug discovery experts, we are committed to building a team that delivers high-quality and industry leading products.

Our goal is to apply innovative technologies to support a more efficient and reliable analysis of (bio)medical samples. Our thermo-conductive CoolSystemsTM are easy to use, modular, portable, thermally-adjustable and -stable and precision-engineered. This allows clinicians, scientists, clinical trial personal to rapidly and safely store, freeze and thaw samples without losing track of them.

Key biocision clients are from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical institutions as well as from numerous research and educational institutes of the public sector from around the globe.

In concert with our customers and partners, biocision takes a highly collaborative approach to business relationships. We value feedback and believe in working together. We are committed to providing our customers with practical solutions to maximize their scientific success.

All our products are MADE IN THE USA.