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Molecular Biology
CpGenome Turbo kit for bisulfite conversion
EMD Millipore's CpGenome Turbo kit for bisulfite conversion is designed to convert unmethylated cytosines to uracil in 90 minutes, which is twice as fast as commonly used bisulfite kits and reagents.
By increasing the throughput of bisulfite modification, the kit allows researchers to examine DNA from more samples in less time. The CpGenome Turbo kit features a proprietary conversion reagent that reduces incubation times while retaining high efficiency, converting more than 99.9% of unmethylated cytosines to uracil. The kit is also highly sensitive, requiring as little as 1 ng of DNA. The resulting, modified DNA is pure and ready for epigenetic mapping by sequencing, microarray hybridization, or quantitative PCR. To facilitate PCR analysis, EMD Millipore offers more than 20 different gene-specific CpG WIZ kits containing the necessary reagents for PCR amplification of bisulfite reactions.
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