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CyBi-FeliX automated liquid handling platform
CyBio's benchtop pipettor CyBi-FeliX is designed offer a multifunctional approach to scalable automation.
In spite of the compact 650 x 450 mm footprint, it features 12 deck positions arranged in a novel two-level approach and addresses a wide set of applications in the field of proteomics and genomics as well as biological and biochemical methods. The self contained system is designed for routine liquid handling tasks in all SBS footprint labware, such as plate replication, reformatting, hit picking and serial dilution in rows and columns. There is a selection of hot swap pipetting heads available for the system. In addition to multichannel 96/384 heads, the new CHOICE pipetting head allows for single or 8, 12 respectively 16, 24 parallel pipetting.
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