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DFC365 FX Fluorescence Live-Cell Imaging Camera
The Leica DFC365 FX digital microscope camera is designed to document live cells and rapidly fading fluorescence specimens.
The system is equipped with a sensitive CCD sensor and active Peltier cooling for a wide range of applications, including basic fluorescence documentation, TIRF, FRET, and structured illumination. The camera achieves acquisition rates of 21 fps at full resolution. In its overlapping mode, an image can be captured while the previous image is still being read out. Data are transferred to the PC via a FireWire-B interface. In addition to a 40 MHz acquisition speed, the pixel clocking rate of the sensor can also be set to 20 MHz or 1.6 MHz as required. The optional NIR mode extends the operating range of the camera for fluorescence markers emitting in the wavelength range above 700 nm, which are difficult to capture with conventional CCD technology.
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