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Fluorescence Microscopy, Imaging, RNA interference
DRAQ7 live cell-impermeant far-red DNA dye
Biostatus' DRAQ7 live cell-impermeant far-red fluorescing DNA dye is designed with for flow cytometry applications.
The dye rapidly labels dead, dying, and apoptotic cells in cytotoxicity and viability assays, as well as fixed cell preparations. According to the company, its far-red emission permits new combinations of dyes to be used in the understanding of apoptosis. For HCS and microscopy, the dye efficiently counterstains fixed cell and tissue preparations. It offers differential nucl: cyto staining for dual compartment segmentation for translocation tracking and cell morphometrics for in vitro toxicology. With negligible toxicity, the dye can be used in RNAi knock-down and long-term, dynamic viability assays to report cytotoxicity and apoptosis. Supplied as a convenient aqueous, ready-to-use solution, the introductory 1 ml pack is sufficient for 200 flow cytometry tests, 200-300 slides, and 6000 microtiterplate wells.
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