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Nucleic-acid technologies: PCR
Diffinity RapidTip for PCR purification
The Diffinity RapidTip is designed to enable PCR purification in one minute in a single step, using just a single functional pipet tip and standard pipettor.
Diffinity Genomics' Diffinity RapidTip is based on differential adsorption of nucleic acids. Using a standard pipettor and by simply mixing the PCR product sample for one minute, PCR impurities adhere to the technology inside of the pipette tip, while the amplified double-stranded DNA remains in solution and is dispensed from the tip. The purified PCR amplicon is now free of excess primers, dNTPs, and primer-dimers and can be used directly in downstream applications, such as Sanger sequencing. The tips fit on standard laboratory pipettors and are optimized to purify a PCR sample volume of 20-30ul. In addition to the Diffinity RapidTip and pipettor, a clean microcentrifuge tube or plate is all that is needed to store purified sample(s). Follow on products will address smaller & larger sample volumes and different types of pipette formats, such as for use on a broader range of pipettors and automated fluid handling equipment. The technology will also be leveraged for new products for use in different nucleic acid purification applications.
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Diffinity Genomics is a Rochester, NY-based company that is developing products for rapid and simple nucleic acid isolation & analysis based on its proprietary DiffinityTM technology, starting with the Diffinity RapidTip for PCR purification. Diffinity technology is based upon the ability to configure surfaces to preferentially adsorb different types of nucleic acids. The technology was developed in collaboration with the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY and scale-up was enabled by an STTR Phase II grant awarded in September 2009. These products are intended for life science research use only.