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Direct Selection of Hybridomas Kit
Enzo Life Sciences' direct selection of hybridomas (DiSH) kit is designed to provide an enhanced method for selecting antigen-specific hybridomas.
Using a genetically engineered Sp2ab myeloma fusion partner, the system generates hybridomas that both secrete antigen-specific antibody and express the antibody on the cell surface. Once labeled, these hybridomas can easily be enriched from among a pool of hundreds of thousands of cells in a matter of hours using fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) or magnetic separation. This innovation shortens the clone selection phase by up to 75% compared to traditional limiting dilution protocols. Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.,
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Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. is a subsidiary of Enzo Biochem, Inc. organized to lead in the development, production, marketing, and sales of innovative life science research reagents worldwide based on over 30 years of successful experience in building strong international market recognition, implementing outstanding operational capabilities, and establishing a state-of-the-art electronic information and ordering marketplace.

Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. is a recognized leader in labeling and detection technologies across research and diagnostic markets. A strong portfolio of labeling probes and dyes provides life science environments tools for target identification/validation and high content analysis via gene expression analysis, nucleic acid detection, protein biochemistry and detection, molecular biology, and cellular analysis.

Now incorporating the skills, experience and products of ALEXIS® Biochemicals, acquired in 2007, and BIOMOL® International, acquired in 2008, the Enzo® Life Sciences brand now provides 25 years of business experience in the supply of research biochemicals and biologicals “Enabling Discovery in Life Science