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DyLight Dyes, Conjugates, and Antibody-labeling Kits
Thermo Scientific DyLight 550 and 650 dyes are designed to provide high sensitivity and resistance to photobleaching.
The dyes have fluorescence characteristics similar to Alexa Fluor 555 and Alexa Fluor 647 dyes, respectively, and are available as amine-reactive NHS esters and sulfhydryl-reacitve maleimides. The dyes are also available conjugated to secondary antibodies and biotin-binding proteins. As with existing DyLight conjugates, these conjugates are labeled with a high dye-to-protein ratio without affecting the fluorescent signal or conjugate stability. Generally, less DyLight 550 or 650 conjugates are needed for most applications because of the high sensitivity of the attached dye, making them a cost-effective choice. The DyLight 550 and 650 antibody-labeling kits are designed for efficient labeling of antibodies and are available in two kit formats to accommodate varied labeling requirements.
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