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Cell Culture
Electric Fence Cell Migration Assay
Applied BioPhysics’ "electric fence" assay is designed to measure the rate of cell migration in tissue culture.
The technique is based on the company’s Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) technology, an impedance-based method to monitor cell behavior. In the assay, high current pulses are applied to the small ECIS electrode immediately after cell inoculation to prevent cells from attaching and spreading, while a cell layer forms on the rest of the substrate. When the “electric fence” is turned off, cells surrounding the open electrode migrate in to fill the void. The progress of this migration is electrically monitored and a migration rate is calculated. The “electric fence” assays are easy-to-do and make an attractive replacement to the mechanical scrape-wound approach. Published applications using ECIS include measurements of cell migration, endothelial barrier function, extravasation of normal cell layers by metastatic cells, signal transduction, cell-ECM interactions, cytotoxicity, cytopathic effects of viral infections and cell proliferation.
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