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Molecular Biology
EpiTect HRM PCR kit
Qiagen's EpiTect HRM PCR kit provides a master mix format for the detection of changes in the CpG methylation status of bisulfite converted DNA. The kit is designed to run on all real-time cyclers, including the Rotor-Gene Q, Qiagen’s real-time PCR cycler, which provides a highly specific melting curve. HRM technology enables rapid characterization of DNA samples based on their melting behavior following PCR amplification. While HRM gives researchers the ability to detect changes in the degree of methylation and compare differences gene-to-gene, some research may require a closer look at the methylated region. Qiagen’s complete workflow allows researchers to continue looking at the specific sequence of those regions through pyrosequencing.
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QIAGEN is the leading provider of sample and assay technologies. Sample technologies are used to isolate DNA, RNA and proteins from any biological sample. Assay technologies are then used to make specific target biomolecules, such as the DNA of a specific virus, visible for subsequent analysis. We have developed more than 500 consumable products and automated solutions. We sell these products to academic research markets, to leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, to molecular diagnostics laboratories as well as to customers in applied testing markets such as forensics, animal or food testing, and pharmaceutical process control.