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Fluorescence and Brightfield Image Analysis System
Leica Microsystems' Tissue IA 2.0 high-performance image analysis for discovery research combines fluorescence and brightfield analysis capabilities in a single platform.
With precision cell modelling, the system offers a solution for IHC biomarker quantification. The system provides expert tools for researchers to extract the most from their studies. Powerful color separation and multi-marker colocalization functionality provides advanced insight and unbiased measurement of multiple antigen immunostaining in brightfield or fluorescent samples. Sophisticated cell modelling accurately detects and quantifies differential expression of staining in cellular compartments, providing detailed insight into cytoplasmic, membrane and nuclear biomarker localization. The advanced dual staining capabilities enable researchers to identify cell cohorts at the molecular level. Use one marker to identify a population of interest and then quantify expression of a second, providing exceptional analysis performance and greater understanding of a user’s slides. Algorithms are easily adjusted and optimized for different markers, tissue and protocols giving a flexible platform for drug discovery applications.
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