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GFP-Binding Protein
ChromoTek's GFP-Trap is a high quality GFP-binding protein coupled to a monovalent matrix (agarose beads, magnetic particles, or in 96-multiwell plates) for biochemical analysis of GFP fusion proteins and their interacting partners.
Being 10 times smaller and 5 times more efficient than conventional antibodies, the coupled protein enables biochemical analyses of GFP fusion proteins. Scientists now can do comprehensive cell biological and biochemical studies with one and the same protein tag. Based on the antigen binding domain of alpaca heavy-chain antibodies, the coupled protein provides the highest purity protein pull down in least time. ChromoTek GmbH,
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ChromoTek is a biotech company specialising in molecular tools for bioimaging and proteome analysis. ChromoTek’s lead product, the GFP-Trap®, is used for immunoprecipitation (IP, coIP) and/or affinity purification of GFP-tagged proteins. The company also develops vectors and cell lines for high content analysis (HCA) of important cellular markers, with a primary focus on cell cycle, apoptosis and metabolism.

ChromoTek was founded in 2008 and is located in Martinsried, Germany. The company works closely together with the Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich at the Biocenter of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich. ChromoTek currently markets its products in four continents (Europe, North America, Asia and Australia).