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Galaxy CO2 incubator
News Brunswick Scientific announced the newest addition to their products with Galaxy, a new line of advanced CO2 incubators. Galaxy CO2 incubators feature a fanless design and one-piece chamber to eliminate potential breeding grounds for contaminants. The instrument's high-temperature option also reduces contamination risk. It also has a sealed glass door which allows viewing samples while maintaining environmental stability and minimizing CO2 and N2 consumption. The instrument also has separated shelves which provide rapid recovery after door opening, and an oxygen supplementation system option in three control ranges ideal for stem cells, oncology, or IVF work. The incubators are offered in 48- or 14-L sizes. Galaxy incubators come in two model ranges: the R series, with advanced controller automated trend, graph capability, and password-protected programmable alarms; and the S series, with LED display for standard cell culture applications.
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New Brunswick Scientific is a leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced biotechnology equipment. The company's systems are used in a broad range of research and commercial applications, spanning biomedical, environmental, food, and cosmetics sciences. With a selection of lab shakers and a line of fermentors, bioreactors, CO2 incubators and freezers, the comapny supports the advances of their customers worldwide.