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Gel Documentation System
The GelDoc-It Imager from UVP is designed for fast, easy imaging of fluorescent and colorimetric gels.
The system accommodates a wide range of gel sizes on the integrated UV transilluminator. With the system, researchers can easily illuminate samples with a choice of transilluminator for maximizing fluorophore stain excitation. A unit with midrange 302nm UV is for viewing ethidium bromide (EtBr) and other stains, while the 3UV model provides user-selectable 302, 365, and 254nm excitation. An EtBr emission filter is included as standard with the system, while a variety of optional emission filters are available to suit various imaging applications.
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UVP, LLC is the global leader in life science imaging supplying BioImaging Systems for academic, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. With core expertise as the leading manufacturer of ultraviolet products, UVP combines its innovative technologies with a specialization in fluorescent and luminescent-based imaging applications in the life sciences at the molecular, cellular, and whole organism life levels.